Helena can help you take the guess work out of your nutrient management program with Rx360. Rx360 is designed to help golf course superintendents manage their inputs in a more efficient and cost effective manner through cutting edge technology.

The dedicated Turf AGRIntelligence Specialists at Helena can help you develop custom programs utilizing the following Rx360 technologies:

  • HyGround soil management services provide custom soil and plant tissue testing, as well as course mapping using state-of-the-art GPS and Veris equipment.  Know the exact nutrient needs of every acre of your course with HyGround soil management service.
  • EXTRACTOR leaf tissue testing allows you to monitor your fertility program on a regular basis, know when and how your plant’s nutrient needs change in response to growing conditions and fine tune your fertility program on a continuous basis.
  • ONPOINT record management services assist golf course superintendents with nutrient management plans, regulatory compliance and budget planning.  ONPOINT allows you to monitor every dollar of your operational budget through detailed maps, reports and analyses.
  • INSPEX management services use a wide range of tools that help you track soil, tissue and disease diagnostic reports, as well as weed, insect and disease scouting.  Customized graphical reports help you visualize your entire course from the worst performing areas to the best.  Monitor trends, identify patterns of success and improve your overall efficiency with INSPEX management services.