Resurge Professional is a low-dust granule with humic compounds engineered to improve nutrient efficiency and strengthen plant growth with fast release of the active ingredient. It contains the highest concentration of humic acids available from specific, high-quality ore sources. The low-dust granule breaks down quickly in the soil and keeps nutrients where they belong. It also improves soil quality and health for
stronger, denser, higher-quality turf.

Resurge Professional Highlights:

  • Low-dust granule with the highest concentration of humic acids from specific, high-quality ore sources
  • Uniform shape & size for even distribution in the fertilizer blend & across the treated area
  • Helps improve soil quality & health
  • Reduces leaching & improves fertilizer efficiency for stronger, denser, higher-quality turf
  • Better flowability & reduced bridging through the spreader
  • Increased solubility to move into the soil profile faster

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