Nucleus O-Phos NPK Zn (7-21-2 0.1 Zn) is a neutral pH formulation that gives your emerging crop a head start on growth, while improving stand uniformity. By providing key nutrients, it enhances plant health and can potentially result in an earlier harvest from enhanced growth after planting. Nucleus O-Phos can be applied in furrow, 2 x 2, through drip tape or center pivot application. Contains EDTA Zinc Chelate.

Nucleus O-Phos NPK Zn (7-21-2 0.1 Zn) Highlights:

  • Low salt, (7-21-2 0.1 Zn) starter fertilizer
  • Contains fertilizer additives
  • Effective at low rates
  • 100% orthophosphate
  • Neutral pH
  • Tank mix friendly
  • Compatible with insecticides and other fertilizers
  • Not corrosive to application equipment
  • Better plant health
  • Seed safe
  • Strong, uniform early plant growth
  • Stronger, healthier root system

Nucleus O-Phos NPK Zn (7-21-2 0.1 Zn) Product Resources: