N-Fixx XLR is a patented nitrogen stabilizing fertilizer additive that protects your fertilizer investment by reducing nitrogen volatilization by ammonia loss. When added to urea or UAN, it keeps nitrogen in the ammonium form for crops to use during key growth stages. N-Fixx XLR contains FLOWTECH Formulation Technology which reduces application rates, minimizes the potential for buildup and improves handling by allowing for faster fertilizer treatments and storage of less product.

N-Fixx XLR Highlights:

  • Controls nitrogen loss
  • Provides economical protection of fertilizer
  • Easy to use with urea or UAN solutions
  • Contains FLOWTECH Formulation Technology:
    • Improves coverage and absorption on urea
    • Improves drying time on urea
    • Improves shelf life on urea
    • Improves mixing and stability with UAN
    • Can reduce caking & bridging with urea
    • Improves handling in cold conditions

N-Fixx XLR Product Resources: