Firm Up is a soil penetrant that eliminates standing water and saturated or soggy areas in turf. It improves water penetration and infiltration in soil, while enhancing irrigation efficiency and decreasing water usage. Firm Up uses an alkyl alkoxylate formulation, resulting in consistently well-drained, well-hydrated soil for an extended period of time. It increases vertical and horizontal water movement to penetrate the soil profile, allowing drainage of excess water. It contains polycarboxylic acids to help solubilize micronutrients and break down hydrophobic conditions in areas such as hillsides, mounds and difficult to reach areas. Firm Up can be applied through irrigation or as a sprayable application in all turf types. It can also firm the soil surface, reducing wet spots, which can result in decreased incidence of algae and fungal outbreaks.

Firm Up Highlights:

  • Improves water penetration & infiltration in soil
  • Improves vertical & horizontal water movement in soil
  • Firms the soil surface
  • Enhances irrigation efficiency
  • Reduces wet spots
  • Reduces run-off & evaporation
  • Decreases water usage in turf
  • May decrease incidence of algae & fungi

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