Coron is a unique foliar fertilizer that contains polymethylene urea solution, a controlled-release organic nitrogen source. Its low burn potential, wash-off tolerance, reduced drift and low surface tension make Coron a valuable addition to any nutritional program. When Coron is applied to foliage, the plant stores the nitrogen and releases it according to the plant’s nutritional needs. Coron gives plants a consistent, stable source of nitrogen for weeks, reducing nutrient run-off concerns and helping solve over- or under-application problems.

A variety of Coron formulations are available to meet specific needs and varying climatic conditions.

Coron 18-3-6 plus .5 Fe (50% CRN*)

Coron 12-0-12 (50% CRN)

Coron 18-2-4 (50% CRN)

Coron 22-3-3 (50% CRN)

Coron 14-2-14 plus micro pack (60% CRN)

Coron 14-0-14 plus micro pack (60% CRN)

Coron 28-0-0 (70% CRN)

Coron 25-0-0 plus .5 Fe (50% CRN)

Coron Highlights:

  • Unique liquid fertilizer with true controlled-release qualities
  • Provides nitrogen when plants need it
  • Excellent plant uptake and translocation
  • Excellent plant safety
  • Very low burn potential
  • Minimal volatilization
  • Good carrier for many crop protection products
  • Low wash-off potential
  • Improves your nitrogen management

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