Brexil is a complete line of complexed micronutrients that are formulated as soluble micro-granules. They are completely soluble and stable in water, and also in fertilizer solutions, making them excellent products to use in foliar applications to treat micronutrient deficiencies in a wide variety of plants. The Brexil product line is chelated with ligninpolycarboxylic acid (LPCA). It provides excellent complexing, good leaf penetration and coverage, a very low risk of phytotoxicity and excellent mixability with other products.

Brexil Highlights:

  • Highly effective foliar treatment for micronutrient deficiencies
  • LPCA complexed (chelating agent is ligninpolycarboxylic acid [LPCA], which results in rapid leaf absorption)
  • Dust-free soluble micro-granules
  • No phytotoxicity problems when applied in accordance with label (this allows excellent application rate options)
  • Excellent mixability with other fertilizers and most common pesticides

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