Firm Up is a soil wetter that eliminates standing water and saturated or soggy areas on fairways and other problem areas in turf. It improves water penetration and infiltration in soil, while enhancing irrigation efficiency and decreasing water usage. Firm Up uses a branched alkyl alkoxylate formulation, resulting in consistently well-drained, well-hydrated soil for an extended period of time. It increases water movement, which moisturizes the soil profile while draining the excess water away. It aaddresses soil moisture problems in soils prone to drying out such as hillsides, mounds and difficult to reach areas. Applications of Firm Up can also firm the soil surface, decrease the incidence of algae formation and reduce moisture pockets, which can act as fungal breeding grounds.

Firm Up Highlights:

  • Improves water penetration & infiltration in soil
  • Reduces surface tension
  • Enhances irrigation efficiency
  • Reduces run-off & evaporation
  • Decreases water usage in both cool & warm season grasses
  • Excellent compatibility with most fertilizers

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